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Science and math education is a vital part of the academic landscape. The STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have never been more important in education.

  • Is your campus ready for this current shift in American academics?
  • Do you want to maintain your campus's strong academic presence in the STEM fields as you move forward?
  • Does your campus have faculty placement needs in the math and sciences?
  • Are you looking to improve and/or grow your current science and math program?
  • Are your students being properly prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow?
  • Does your campus educate your students on the uses of current technology?
  • Do your students possess the laboratory skills necessary to maintain their competitiveness at the university level?
  • Does your campus integrate the STEM fields into the multiple disciplines?
  • Are you still thinking in the box?

Our company was founded by STEM educators and administrators. Our decades of experience can improve the quality of your science and math instruction, strengthen your academic program, and maintain your student body's competitive edge as they progress through their academic careers.  ATOMS Placement Services provides school services in the form of science and math faculty placement and professional development.  In addition, our firm provides on-site consultation services in STEM program development, facilities improvement, and new STEM building construction.  Let us work together.


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