Faculty Placement Services

The math and science fields require specialized educators, and finding the right skill set for your campus can be a difficult task.  Our firm was founded, and is managed, by former math and science educators and administrators with over 30 years of experience in the field.

We know what to look for in potential candidates, and we pass our expertise directly on to you.  Our firm will use our experience in these fields to find your campus the best candidate for the job.  While other firms are just looking for people with a degree in math or science, our firm is looking for quality teachers.  We understand that it takes more than a degree to be a successful teacher of math and science. We do not use “placement specialists” who only provide you with a pile of papers to sort through. Instead we use our professional experience in these fields to find your campus its ideal candidate.  

Our candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and can meet the needs of your unique student body.  Through our resume review and formal interview process, we can assist your campus in finding the best person for the job.  We are not a resume clearing house.

STEM education is the field we know and these are the candidates we work with. We want to place the right candidate in the right job, every time.


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