ATOMS was a fantastic resource in aiding my job search. If I had a question about the process for my interview ATOMS was there and willing to help. I found my dream job thanks to ATOMS!
— Tori F. (placed 2015)
ATOMS Placement Services played an integral role in my job search and hiring process. My placement agent was readily accessible when I needed him, and he made an effort to reach out to me often.
— Marc F. (placed 2015)
I was very impressed with the entire process. It felt as if they sent my portfolio to the perfect school. I was grateful for the initial phone call, and was impressed that ATOMS was so responsive to my somewhat restrictive requirements with respect to location. Thank you for helping me find my new home!
— Emily S. (placed 2015)
ATOMS was fantastic to work with. They listened to what I wanted, helped me think of various angles, and answered all my questions quickly.
— Jennifer L. (placed 2015)
Thank you so much for all of your help. I definitely felt like ATOMS listened to my needs, provided useful advice, and helped make sure I found a job I wanted. I really appreciate it!
— Julia V. (placed 2015)
Much more personalized experience than larger agencies I have used.
— Allison M. (placed 2015)
ATOMS did a great job of taking my materials and generating leads. The advice for my interview was also helpful.
— Candidate (placed 2016)
ATOMS was instrumental in my job search. Their professionalism, expertise, and willingness to listen made the experience a pleasurable one. I wholeheartedly recommend ATOMS to anyone looking for a new teaching position. You will be treated with respect and dignity. Two thumbs up!
— Candidate (placed 2016)
My experience with ATOMS was extremely positive both in the application process and placement result. The personal attention, effective advocacy, and overall knowledge of the agent with whom I worked, made me feel that ATOMS put my best interests first. The numerous, helpful conversations through phone and email during a difficult and time pressured negotiation gave me confidence to pursue my dreams. As a result, I am at an exceptional school in my best-fit position. Having worked with two other placement agencies, ATOMS was by far the most personal and effective. I would absolutely seek out this partnership again. Thank you!
— Elise D. (placed 2017)
Unlike the other job search agency I used previously, ATOMS listened to what I was looking for in a school and checked in with me about my process to make sure I had what I needed and was taking the right steps. The schools I visited respected ATOMS as a placement service, which gave me confidence that I was using a more targeted approach to find my ideal position and was not just one of a bunch of candidates given to each school. I strongly recommend ATOMS (and have already recommended them to colleagues) as a useful job search tool. I have found what I hope to be the ideal position at a school that will help me to grow as an educator and I owe much of that success to ATOMS.
— Angela H. (placed 2017)
My experience working with ATOMS was absolutely perfect. They spent time up front getting to know me, gaining a real sense of what I was looking for and what my interests were. As a result, they did a great job of referring me only for positions that were actually a good fit. Beyond the well-curated referrals, they stayed in touch throughout my search and were a real resource. It was clear that they actually had relationships with the schools based on the insight and advice they passed along, right up to conversations around salary and benefits when it came time to sign my new contract. I would highly recommend ATOMS.
— Benjamin S. (placed 2017)
I had a great experience working with ATOMS. They took the time to get to know me and supported me in every step of the interview and hiring process. If I’m ever looking for a job again, I will make sure to get in touch with ATOMS first!
— Veronica P. (placed 2017)
ATOMS takes an individual approach to the search process that works best for all involved. They do not offer schools the name of every candidate out there, but instead pare things down to those who offer the best fit. I trusted ATOMS enough to make them the only firm I worked with, and felt they were with me through the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with the position they found for me.
— Candidate (placed 2017)
My experience with ATOMS was superb. From the very first email communication to phone calls to discussions of what types of positions and schools I was seeking to the final salary negotiation, I felt that ATOMS was an excellent sounding board and advocate for me. They handled all communications with deft professionalism and promptness. They were straightforward and honest with me because they had taken time to invest in not only getting to know me, but they had also clearly developed relationships with numerous schools. Most importantly, they were always on top of where I was in my search, anticipating phone and in-person interviews and inquiring how things were going. I strongly recommend ATOMS for anyone seriously seeking a STEM placement in an independent school.
— Carol S. (placed 2017)
I worked with ATOMS for an Upper School math/science position quite late in the hiring season. They scheduled a call with me immediately, and sent my resume to a potential school right away. Throughout the search process, they stayed involved and touched base with updates every step of the way, including interview coaching on the phone. I always felt like I was in very good hands because ATOMS showed both that they cared, and that they had the experience and knowledge to help me get the best position. I am thrilled with my new position and I owe it to ATOMS for placing me here.
— Zeynep Isvan (placed 2017)
From my first call with ATOMS, I felt like I’d made the best decision for my job search. They understood what I was looking for and found opportunities immediately. They were responsive throughout the entire process and answered all my questions. I doubt I would have found a school that feels like such a perfect fit without them. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
— Sofia D. (placed 2018)
Using ATOMS for my job search was a great decision. They listened to my preferences and helped me narrow the field once the interviews began. ATOMS was very helpful during the entire process and gave some reassuring advice. ATOMS was easy to contact and quick to respond to messages. If I am ever in the job search process again, I will certainly be reaching out to them for help!
— Molly Meehl (placed 2018)
ATOMS was a great resource during my entire search. I appreciated the guidance beginning with creating my portfolio all the way through selecting the best school and position for me. ATOMS listened to all my requests and helped find great options as I completed my move to a new part of the state.
— Susan D. (placed 2018)
I was referred to ATOMS by a colleague of mine. When I reached out and talked to them, I knew they would be a wonderful organization to work with, as it was clear from the outset that they really know their field. ATOMS helped me acquire my most recent teaching position, and I could not be more thankful to Joe and his entire team for all their hard work and dedication. I would absolutely recommend their services to any of my colleagues and would use them again in a heartbeat if I happen to be searching for a position in the future.
— Joey L. (placed 2018)
ATOMS made the search process very easy and even fun. When searching on my own, the most difficult part is the introduction. With ATOMS, you don’t even have to do that part. Schools that ATOMS matched me with were already interested in learning more. ATOMS’ network of schools frees you to focus on writing good letters, planning good demo lessons, and interviewing successfully. I highly recommend ATOMS to any math or science teacher looking to find a position in an independent school.
— Candidate (placed 2018)
My wife and I are thrilled with the experience we had with ATOMS. The team were in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. It was clear that their goal was to find a situation that met our specific needs, namely two positions at an elite school within a compact geographic region. While we were expecting this to be a multi-year affair, ATOMS helped us find the perfect match within six months. I cannot recommend ATOMS highly enough.
— John B. (placed 2018)
Since I am not new to the boarding school world, I certainly did not use ATOMS to the degree that maybe a new teacher would. I networked as much as possible with former colleagues at as many other schools that I could. I was surprised, actually, that in the end it was a placement by ATOMS that ended up being the position that worked out! I’m happy that it did, since now I will be back in Connecticut near family/friends which was ultimately the goal.
— Candidate (placed 2015)
ATOMS is very proactive to find new opportunities that suit your needs and is always available for a conversation. I highly recommend working with ATOMS Placement Services.
— Mehdi M. (placed 2015)
I am very satisfied overall with the care and support given to me as a candidate. I never would have found this position on my own searching.
— Shawn A. (placed 2015)
ATOMS Placement is great resource for teachers that are looking for a great school. Mr. Jason Johnson is a great helper and I really think of him as a friend.
— Amjad N. (placed 2015)
ATOMS did a great job and was a phenomenal resource throughout my job search. They carefully listened to my search objectives, helped me when I was feeling anxious about making a big career move, and matched me with a school that is perfectly aligned with my educational philosophy. I am incredibly happy with my placement and cannot wait to start the school year! Thank you, ATOMS.
— Candidate (placed 2016)
ATOMS was great to work with. They were very supportive and helpful, and contributed lots of important suggestions and well thought out strategies pertaining to my specific situation.
— Rachel H. (placed 2017)
Working with ATOMS was a boutique experience. They helped me every step of the way from arranging initial introductions, to giving me interview guidance, to contacting schools, to negotiating an offer. I felt like I had an advocate throughout the hiring process. I hope that I am not looking for a new job anytime soon, but I know that the next time I am, ATOMS will be my first call. I cannot recommend ATOMS highly enough!
— Maggie T. (placed 2017)
ATOMS was invaluable in my job search. Not only did my agent find me the perfect job, but he gave good advice and words of encouragement throughout the entire process. He helped from beginning to end—from narrowing down my search to some key locations, to helping me boost my interview skills. He even advised me as I negotiated the contract with my new employer. I couldn’t have done this without him!
— Wayne W. (placed 2017)
ATOMS listened to my needs and provided very helpful advice and guidance, unlike a different placement firm that I worked with previously, who did not give any personalized attention whatsoever. ATOMS was very responsive and actively liaised with schools, and I was able to find a position very quickly through their services.
— Candidate (placed 2017)
My initial interview with ATOMS identified my strengths and most marketable attributes. The guidance I received throughout the application process was unparalleled. I was matched with a school, got an interview, and was offered the job at the perfect school! Having ATOMS vouch for me accelerated the process and I am incredibly grateful for their help from start to finish!
— Kelly K. (placed 2017)
ATOMS was an essential part of my job search. They worked hard to guide me through the interview process. They matched me with schools that fit my interests and had positions that complemented my skills. After receiving job offers, ATOMS guided me through the decision making process and helped me negotiate and finalize my contract, which I had never done before. Overall I am delighted with the outcome of my search!
— Danny G. (placed 2017)
The ATOMS team worked tirelessly to ensure I achieved my career objectives. They utilized their impressive network of schools to find unique opportunities that best fit my personal profile. They remained exceptionally present and responsive throughout the entire process, initiated timely check-ins, provided valuable feedback, advocated behind the scenes, and negotiated for full benefits. The entire process was rich, rewarding and an excellent use of my time. I believe all educators can benefit from the support and services provided by ATOMS.
— Todd D. (placed 2017)
ATOMS is the ONLY agency I go to when I am in the market for a new placement! They always take the time to get to know my strengths and search preferences, and match me up with high quality schools. They are on hand throughout the job search process and treat their candidates with the utmost respect and professionalism. It is such a comfort to know that I have ATOMS by my side!
— Candidate (placed 2017)
ATOMS helped me to find a job that is the perfect fit. Through our conversations, they were able to understand the type of school that best fit my preferences. I felt very comfortable reaching out to them with any questions that I had during my search process. ATOMS made me feel that my search was important and that I was valued as a candidate. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the midst of a job search.
— Molly M. (placed 2017)
ATOMS has helped me find two incredible positions at independent schools in San Francisco. The schools they connected me with were perfect fits for who I am as an educator. ATOMS is incredibly responsive and prompt. I felt supported through every step of the process and trusted I would find a position that would be right for me and the school. I wouldn’t trust any other placement agency with my job search after my experience with ATOMS.
— Kelly P. (placed 2018)
The best thing about using ATOMS in my job search was their rapid response both to me as a candidate and in their referral of my information to schools. They were quick to alert me to potential openings, which allowed me to act on leads and be an early candidate in many pools. I am thrilled with where I ended up and I thank ATOMS for their work in understanding the parameters of my search and being willing to work within them.
— Candidate (placed 2018)
ATOMS helped me find a job that I am extremely excited about. I applied to ATOMS very late in the hiring season, but they still found me my perfect job within a month. They are very helpful and are in frequent contact to assist you every step of the way. They also give great advice when you have any questions, not only about the job process, but about the schools you are interviewing with. ATOMS was a fantastic resource and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new teaching position!
— Alex G. (placed 2018)
Having worked with a different agency in the past for a search, working with ATOMS was a refreshing and wonderful experience. They asked all the right questions in our initial interview and I felt they had a really good sense of what I was looking for. I really appreciated the contact they maintained over the course of my search and after each interview with a potential school. The personal, timely contact made this search the least stressful and most successful of my career, and I would highly recommend ATOMS to any science or math teacher who is looking for their next position.
— Lauren C. (placed 2018)
I could not have been happier with ATOMS. They were very thoughtful in what schools they matched me up with, which resulted in high interview rates and a multitude of final round interviews. ATOMS was with me every step of the search process, from thinking about the best individuals to write my recommendations, to helping me negotiate a salary. I have worked with other school placement services and ATOMS is a clear outlier in service and thoughtfulness. I found ATOMS through a recommendation from a friend and would be quick to recommend them to others.
— Elizabeth G. (placed 2018)
I cannot praise Joe and ATOMS more highly. Right from the first phone conversation, I knew that they really understood my background and my search, and I knew that they would be able to help me find the best possible fit. Honestly, I worried that my preferences were too restrictive and that the school I was looking for didn’t even exist, but Joe was an absolute dream to work with. He found the perfect placement quickly, and his advice along the way was invaluable.
— Emily B. (placed 2018)