Why Become an ATOMS Candidate?

Finding a teaching job can be very stressful and time-consuming. We, at ATOMS Placement Services, are here to help you navigate this process. So, what exactly can we do for you?

As an ATOMS candidate, we will take the time to learn about your search preferences. In addition to discussing your talents and interests, your career goals, and geographic preferences, we also want to learn about other pertinent details of your search. For example:

  • Are you interested in cross-divisional teaching opportunities?
  • Do you have an interest in coaching or supervising an extra-curricular activity?
  • Do you require public transportation options?
  • How long are you are willing to spend commuting to work each way?
  • Are you interested in department chair or other STEM leadership positions?

We understand that every candidate has a unique set of search preferences. As such, our team will conduct a search specific to your individual requirements.

Unlike other placement agencies, we focus on quality, not quantity, when referring candidates for teaching opportunities. Our selective approach is highly valued and revered by our client schools. As such, all of our referrals are closely reviewed by the key administrators making the hiring decisions. They never get lost in the shuffle, nor do they find their way to the mountain of resumes from other placement firms that can very quickly accumulate in the Human Resources department.

As an accepted ATOMS candidate, our services are always free (all fees are paid by our client schools).

Working with ATOMS gives you the freedom and time to think critically about which teaching opportunity is best for you. Our highly customized approach allows you to stay focused on your career goals and succeed in finding the best possible job.

Other recruiting firms focus on pushing papers and do not concern themselves with a candidate's true search goals. We, however, cater to the individual needs of teachers. We are not a resume clearing house; we want to place the right teacher in the right job – every time.



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Where Are Our Client Schools Located?

ATOMS works with hundreds of leading independent, private, day and boarding schools in 38 states (see the blue colored states in the above map), as well as countries in Europe and Asia. 

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Working with ATOMS was the best decision I made when it came to choosing a placement service. ATOMS was, by far, the better company. ATOMS was very attentive and professional. They listened to me and perfectly matched my location preference and experience to several schools. They took the time to discuss the offers and how well each school was a fit for me. I’m looking forward to starting at my new school in the fall. I can’t thank ATOMS enough for being an excellent match-maker.
— Natasha C.
ATOMS was great to work with. They were very supportive and helpful, and contributed lots of important suggestions and well thought out strategies pertaining to my specific situation.
— Rachel H.